Student Spotlight

Martin Schumann

By: Tina Cedillo

This year Locust Fork welcomed Martin Schumann, a foreign exchange student from Mecklenburg, Vorpommern, Germany. Martin joined the Locust Fork Hornets football team as a Defensive End. He enjoys playing because it has enabled him to make many friends before school had started. He lives with his host parents Jeff and Vicki Robbins and fellow Brazilian exchange student Paulo. Life in Locust Fork is very different than Mecklenburg. Martin says that school in Germany is much more challenging than Locust Fork. Another big difference is that in Locust Fork, high school sports are a huge part of student life, but aren't so important in Germany. Another difference is that in Germany you must be 18 to get your driver's license, where it may cost $30 in Alabama to get your license, the cost in Germany is equivalent to about $800. Martin is excited to be a Locust Fork Hornet!



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