Student Spotlight:Dominika Houserova

by Kayla Bishop
September 2,2009

This year at Locust Fork we have an exchange student from Czech Republic. Her name is Dominika Houserova but prefers to be called Mika,pronounced me-ka.As with most foreign exchange students,the details of her life are intriguing.

First off she came from a town called Kromeriz.She is 18 and a senior this year.Mika is fluent in five different languages,which include,German,Slovakian,Russian,English, and Czech.She claimed Russian was the most difficult for her to learn.She lives with her mom,stepdad, and two step sisters.She has a dog named Bella and several fish.She enjoys reading,swimming, and dance.She claims her favorite American food so far is a smore!!Mika loves her i-phone!!Her favorite color is blue, and she listens to rock music.You will often find her saying "nevermind".She really misses her friends back home, but is excited about making new ones here at Locust Fork.She says the country accent is difficult to understand ,but she is adjusting.Mika is really pumped about being at Locust Fork and getting to experience life in America.