Student Spotlight: Randi Hosey


by Deontae' Payne
February 19, 2010

              Randi Hosey has a strong and rich Native American heritage. Randi is a member of the Cherokees of Northeast Alabama tribe. Both of her parents are of Indian decent but Randi tends to take after her father. Randi’s tribe hold pow-wows, where tribesmen (and women) get together and shop, talk, and dance with one another.

            Outside of school Randi enjoys hanging out with her friends and family and just having a fun. Randi’s biggest inspiration is her mother, who has always been supportive and never disapproved of her being herself. In Randi’s free time she enjoys singing and dancing. While it is just a hobby she loves to do it.

             After graduating from high school Randi plans to go to college and obtain a career in the medical field. Although she is unsure which college she wants to go to, Randi is leaning more towards being a neo natal nurse. Throughout her endeavors Randi has continued to preserve and the world seems to have a lot in store for this bright young lady.

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