Student Spotlight

Jordan Hood

By: Tina Cedillo

Jordan Hood is an exceptional athelete and senior at Locust Fork High School. She lives with her mom, dad, and two younger sisters who also attend Locust Fork School. English is Jordan's favorite subject in school and math is her least favorite. She is the statistician for the Locust Fork Girl's Varsity team and is a pitcher and third basemen on the Varsity Softball team. She has been playing softball for fourteen years and when asked how she got started playing she laughed, "All of my friends were doing it and I found out I was good, so I stuck with it." Everyday Jordan does something to stay in practice. In grades 7th-11th she was named all county, and grades 9th-11th she was named all area. So far her favoritve memory of softball has been when her travel team went to Colorado and beat a team from California that was more advanced than them. Her favorite thing about playing has been all of the new people she has met through it.

On November 6th of her senior year all of Jordan's hard work paid off when a recruiter from Lindsey Wilson College, a private four-year college in Kentucky, saw her play and offered her a full ride tuition to play for them. Jordan will be the first softball player from Locust Fork to sign with a major college in five years and is excited for this opportunity to attend a great out of state college. She plans to major in special education with a minor in physical education and become a coach. She is very thankful to the people who have pushed her to do her best in softball including all of her coaches. Jordan Hood is very excited to start this new chapter of her life.

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