Student Spotlight: Jessie Hancock


by Joy Hornbuckle
October 2,2009

               Senior Jessie Hancock has achieved many accomplishments during her years here at Locust Fork. This year alone she was elected Student Council president, one of the editors of yearbook, member of scholars bowl and is also an ambassador. Jessie is also a valedictorian hopeful and a straight "A" student. She considers being an editor to be very stressful but also very rewarding. However, Jessie considers her biggest accomplishment to be scoring a 30 on the ACT. Jessie explained, “Preparing for the Act was a big feat, I took a few prep classes and studied hard over the summer.” When Jessie isn’t studying or working on the yearbook she likes to read, write, and watch Gilmore Girls. Aside from that, Jessie loves to spend time with her family, which consists of her Mom, Dad, and two younger siblings, Shelby and Jake. They recently biked Cade’s Cove which is an 11 mile ride. Jessie’s parents are her biggest inspiration and have always motivated her and told her she could accomplish anything. Although Jessie is academically motivated she considers her number one priority to be God and accredits all of her success to Him. If Jessie could meet anyone, she says it would be Paul from the Bible because he is able to tell everything like it is and she finds that very inspirational. Thanks to Jessie’s ACT score she has already received many opportunities including one of her dreams to attend University of Alabama. When Jessie graduates she would love to be either a journalist or to work in the publishing industry. One day Jessie hopes to write her own book, and is still unsure of what the title should be. As the school year progresses, Jessie continues to prepare for college and is extremely excited about graduation.

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