Student Spotlight: Phillip Hornbuckle

by Dee Payne
September 25,2009


Phillip Hornbuckle has been a proud Hornet since he came to Locust Fork in his sophmore year. He previously attended Centennial High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Phillip wanted to be a teacher all his life until his school offered military programs, which led to his interest in Marines. Phillip was also heavily influenced by his grandfather and cousins who were involved with the armed forces. His family, and particularly his mother, has been very supportive with his decision.

Phillip has been enlisted in the U.S. Marines for three months. He plans on working with logistics, which is war planning, and he is adamant about becoming more active in his Marine life. Phillip spends about 5 - 7 hours a week dealing with the Marine Corps, but they make it very managable to juggle both school life and the hectic life of a new recruit to the Marines.

Between the Marines and school, Phillip has very little free time. However, he enjoys playing with his younger brother Michael and playing on the very popular website, Myspace. After he finishes his senior year at Locust Fork, he plans to leave for his basic training on June 21, 2010. "Yes I feel I am physically and mentally prepared for basic training," explained Phillip. He will attend basic training at Paris Island. His goal while in the Marines is to become an officer and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Overall Phillip is very proud of his decision and considers it a great honor to serve his country.

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