Student Spotlight:
Heather Harrell

Heather Harrell is a 12 year old seventh grader. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and dancing. She took dance at Beverly's Dance Studio but had to quit because it was a hastle to get work done. Heather is thinking about doing track and joining the AWF club when she gets old enough. She is also a member of the band. She either wants to play the sax, the trumpet, or the clarinet. Her favorite color is blue. She loves summer because she is able to go swimming.

She has attended Locust Fork since Kindergarden, makes A's & B's and attends Locust Fork baptist. When asked how she felt about being in Junior High, she responded with, "I was nervouse at first because I'm short." She was also asked if she could change anything about the school, what would it be? Heather's response was, "If I could change anything about Locust Fork it would be more bathroom breaks and have the gym closer to the school."

Heather is an only child. "It gets lonely at times being an only child because mom and dad are at work, so sometimes i dress my dog up to be my sister" She has a dog named Foxy and a cat named Boo Boo.

Her favorite teacher is Coach Harris. "He does not teach a lot he just hands out worksheets, so its easy to pass his class." Her favorite subject is reading. She loves to read and likes the books that Mrs. Gable provides to the class. Her favorite type of book would be mysteries and her favorite author is Ron Roy.



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