Student Spotlight

Sabrina Schmid

By Alexis Padgett
September 7, 2016

Locust Fork High School is excited to welcome our new foreign exchange student, Sabrina Schmid. She is a sixteen year old junior from a southern part of Germany called Bavaria. We had a chance to talk to her about the differences between her life there and her new experiences here. She is hoping as she grows and learns new things in the United States that she will change a little and find new characteristics in herself. When we asked her about what her first impressions were when she entered the United States, she said, “People here are much more approachable and much nicer.” She has wanted to come to the United States since she was a little girl, not only because it could be a whole new experience, but also because she has family spread all across the United States.  When she is home in Germany, she likes to hang out with her friends and family.

Sabrina decided that she had an interest in playing Volleyball when she arrived in Locust Fork. She has never played nor had she heard of volleyball until she got to our school.  She is now a part of the team and is having fun with the Lady Hornets.

She also told us that she has been dancing since she was 10 years old. She was trained in the Hip-Hop style of dance for 7 years and has been training in Ballet for the last 5 years. Whenever she isn’t dancing or hanging with her friends she goes to a private church school and lives with her mom and sister.

We are glad to have her at Locust Fork High School and we want to wish her well for the school year.


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