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FAFSA - Financial Aid Paper copies of FAFSA are no longer available to schools; instead a student must request up to three copies from 1-800-4-FED-AID or You may download a PDF of the FAFSA at FastWeb has produced a five-minute video that explains what FAFSA is, and helps with the process. Visit to view the short video. 7 Easy Steps to the

FAFSA Tips - 1. Apply online using 2. Check deadlines -Be aware of your state's and your school's application deadlines. While there is no deadline for applying for federal student aid, you should apply as early as possible after January 1st of each year that you will attend college. Some state and school aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 3. Collect the information you need to complete the FAFSA (*Your social security number and your parents' social security numbers; *Your driver's licencse number, if you have one; *Your alien registration number, if you are not a US citizen; *Your federal tax returns and income information). 4. Check your FAFSA. After you complete the FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Review the information carefully and make any necessary corrections. 5. Respond immediately to any request from your school for additional information.

Adventures in Education - Planning and paying for college, finding a career, managing your money, and much more. For more info visit: 

NEW! BigFuture Financial Aid Website - Find colleges, pay for college, make a college plan, etc. For more info visit:

Crucial for all seniors and their families! Free webinar hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling on December 7. If you or your students would like to learn the basics about the FAFSA, you may register for the webinar at this site:

Federal Student Aid or Organize planning for your college journey; check out careers; search for colleges; free college planning E-Mag! Enter to win free tuition! Visit:

Home page - Visit NextStepU Magazine for helpful tools and details on how students can Win Free College Tuition

College Match- A quick, interactive tool to help students find the right college

Step by Step – Our new College planning timeline guides students at every step

Counselor page – Free college night handouts to print and share with students and parents, as well as articles on professional development.

Community – Chat about college, careers and planning life after high school. There, teens can also enter our $100 writing contest

A new website that offers students, parents and educators useful tools, tips and information about the college admissions process.

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QuestBridge - 2011 National College Match program which helps outstanding low-income students gain admission and full four-year scholarships to leading colleges. The National College Match application is available on their website and is due September 30, 2011.

What Will They Learn? - a guide to what college rankings don't tell you 

Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities - Universities, Colleges & Trade Schools, the leading online education portal, helps you acquire information from education institutions across the US and Canada.