Mr. Morgan

Grades/Subjects: 7th and 8th Grade English, Drama

Club(s) Sponsored: Drama Club

Coaching Experience: 1 year

Degrees and Universities: Bachelors, Language Arts, UAB

High School: Locust Fork

Family: wife- Shay, kids - Sarah, Jake, Cole, Katie

Pets: Jeff - iguana

Hobbies: scuba diving, canoeing, recreational cannabalism

Favorite Book: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (at the moment)

Favorite Sport: Scuba diving

Favorite Movie: Jaws

Favorite Music: anything but country

Favorite Ice Cream: vanilla

Favorite Quote: I wish I'd had more fun. -Alberf Einstein's last words

On any given day a student might hear me say... "Vote for Pedro." or "Move it, or I'll gut you like a fish."