Name Position and Web Page Remind Codes E-Mail
Smitherman, T. Principal
McMinn, T. Assistant Principal Class of 2017- @classof2017
Hughes, J. School Counselor
Butler, L. School Counselor


Teacher Courses Remind Codes E-Mail
Adams, B.

Math 7
Career Prep
Bender, M. Parenting
Family Consumer Science
Brewer, S. Reading 7
Reading 8
Broadhead, A. Special Education
Courington, A.

Advance Math 7
Math 7
Advance Math 8
Math 8
Edwards, W. Social Studies 7
Social Studies 8
Gammon, G. 6th Grade Band
Exploratory 8
7th Grade Band
Varsity Band

Marching Band - @emeraldn

Marching Band only
Goss, P. Earth Space Science
Environmental Science
7th Grade Hobbies
Hallman, C.

U.S. History 10
World History 9
Harris, P.

Advanced Biology
Environmental Science
Holmes, T.

United States History 11
AP U.S. History 11
History of Film
Honeycutt, S.

Algebra II with Finance
Algebra II with Trig
Ingram, K. Drivers Ed
King, S. Geometry 10
Algebra 1
Algebra 1A
Math Intervention
Kirk, A. Physical Science 10
Chemistry 11
McMullin Special Education    
Morgan, J. English 9
English 10
Musso, C. Physical Education
Nelson, P.

Agribusiness Marketing
Animal Science
Ind System 1
Pettus, B. Life Science 7
Physical Science 8
Reeves, K. Algebra 1B
Discrete Math
Sargent AP Language 12
English 12
English 10
Advanced English 10
Hobby 7th
Stewart, J. English 7
English 8
Tawbush, J.

Physical Education
L.I.F.E. Physical Education

Fishing Team - @lfhsfish

Fishing Team only
Taylor, D.

Economics 12
Government 12
U.S. History 10
Wed Design
Treutel, R.

English 11
AP Literature 11
English 12 Dual Enrollment

English 11 - 7c8gdb

AP English - 7dk64h

Dual Enrollment - 7c4f38
Weldon, G.

Media Center

Library - @LFyearbook
Young, J. Advance Math 7
Math 7
Advance Math 8
Math 8

Support Staff

Patterson, Zondra Office Secretary
Wallis, Vicki Information Systems Specialist
Matthews, Tara Bookkeeper
Boatright, Larry Custodian  
Richardson, Darlene Custodian  
Matthews, Mary Access Facilitator  
Sitton, Anita H. S. P.E. Aide  
Hollingsworth, Jason

School Resource Officer

Hallmark, Burma Lunchroom Manager  
Boatright, Ann Lunchroom  
Gorham, Cami Lunchroom  
Laningham, Paula Lunchroom  
Howard, Leigh Lunchroom  
King, Candi Lunchroom  
Copeland, Mavon Bus Driver  
Fallin, Tony Bus Driver  
Cleveland, Chris Bus Driver  
White, Jerry Bus Driver  
Holt, CeCe Bus Driver  
Parkins, Bill Bus Driver  
Petty, Donna Bus Driver  
Rogers, Belinda Bus Driver  
Wallis, Joseph Bus Driver