Welcome to Locust Fork High School’s Web and Video Team.  Our job is to deliver accurate information, cover of school events, and promote a positive school image to the public in a timely and exceptional manner through our website and social media accounts. As a team member, you are expected to contribute on a daily basis to this enormous creative process.  Locustforkhornets.com is a valuable resource for our school and community.  In the past, our school has received an immense amount of praise for the presentation and amount of information offered on our website and our video projects.  You have a unique opportunity lend your voice to a highly-visible and influential endeavor that enriches and promotes what is great about Locust Fork High School. It will be a team effort and everyone's contribution is important. I hope you will take as much pride and ownership in our online presence as I do. We have much to learn about web development and many changes to make to our website this year. I encourage you to share your ideas for how we can improve and take the initiative necessary to implement these ideas. I look forward to working with this team to make our school’s online presence the best it has ever been.     

The website has come a long way since the first design markups I create in August of 2002. For the first three years I worked on the site almost entirely myself. Although I did have some very helpful students who voluntarily worked during their free time, most notably Brooke Smith, Olivia Tombs, and Josh Daily. The first site was created in Microsoft FrontPage, but I quickly discovered the superiority of Macromedia Dreaweaver. Also, I was not originally able to update the webpage myself, but had to send the files to the central office where the technology team uploaded them. Gradually the webpage evolved (I finally got a ftp connection) and I began receiving positive feedback not only from students but from people all over Blount County. When Tim Clevenger became the Assistant Principal in the 2004-2005 school year, he brought a vision for the school website similar to mine. With his aid, Locust Fork High School had its first Web Development Team in the 2005-2006 school year. This brought a tremendous boast to the content and enthusiasm for the school website. Their hard work provided a depth of coverage and school information that could not previously be achieved. The front page was also changed to read more like a blog, keeping people quickly informed on the latest school happenings. Daily page view statistics jumped dramatically. From January 2005 (when a hit counter was first used) to August 2006 LocustForkHornets.com received over 343,000 page views.  The first Horntvision team was established in the 2006-2007 school year. On Monday, August 4, 2008, the site reached 1,000,000 page views.


The mission of our online presence is to provide a wealth of information through a user friendly and appealing layout. We are committed to providing relevant and timely information that students, teachers, parents, alumni, community members, and the general public can find both useful and interesting. Our website includes information about our school, its policies, and its events. Students, parents, and teachers can communicate through class web pages and email. Communication is also enhanced through the use of social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Valuable resources such as educational links, career opportunities, and scholarship opportunities are also available. Student achievement is highlighted in academics, community service, athletics, and music. Student life is chronicled in web pages devoted to clubs, organizations, and special events, such as prom and homecoming. Alumni can also feel permanently connected to Locust Fork High School through alumni news, past annuals which are available online, and an alumni directory which maintains the latest information about classmates. Our objective is to provide a satisfactory experience for visitors and followers which leads to return visits and active online participation in Locust Fork High School.


To increase productivity, you will be graded based on your performance and ability to meet your requirements in a timely manner.  Your 9 week grade will be based on the following;

  1. Assignment Sheets & Site Progress Sheet 50% - Using a Google Document, you will be assigned tasks for articles, interviews, photographs, video, etc.  You should check and update your assignments daily.

  2. 9 Week Self Productivity Appraisal 25% - Appraisal sheet will be completed and turned in at the end of the 9 Weeks.

  3. 9 Week Teacher Productivity Appraisal 25% - I will complete an appraisal sheet on how I perceive your performance and will have an individual conference to discuss.


You must attend class everyday that you are at school.  Web development and video production are massive time consuming tasks.  Even the easiest jobs take time to complete.  I expect you to be on task for our short class period.  Failure to report to class and be accounted for at all times may result in detention, a poor grade, or removal from the team.


I have to be able to trust you.  We create products which are viewed by students, teachers, administrators, parents, neighbors, and complete strangers.  Never place anything which may be deemed inappropriate or vulgar in any of your work.  DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PASSWORDS TO OTHER STUDENTS.  In order to gather information for the website, you may often be out of class and unsupervised.  You actions must postitively reflect our team and school.  Be respectful of other students’ and staffs’ wishes regarding your work.  Be a leader and act responsibly.


During the class you will participate in several seminars to prepare you for the technological requirements and the quality of work that I expect you to produce.  The topics include:

  1. Team Building

  2. Sociology of the Internet

  3. Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture

  4. Web Development Principles

  5. Dreamweaver Tutorial

  6. Contribute Tutorial

  7. Photography Basics

  8. Image Editing Tutorial

  9. Writing for the Web

  10. Interviews that Work
Team Docs

Web Team Structure and Organization (Includes responsibilities of team members.)

Site Progress Sheet (Current status of LFHS web pages.)


Sociology of Blogs and the Internet

Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture (PPT 10.7MB)

Dreamweaver Tutorial (PDF 968 kb)

Contribute Tutorial

Photography Basics (DVD)

Fireworks Tutorial (DOC 39KB)

Writing for the Web (PPT 591 KB)

Interviews that Work (PPT 68 KB)

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
Web Page Design for Designers
Useability 101
Web Pages that Suck