12th Grade Government - Mr. Taylor



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What is Government?

Government is an institution that maintains social order, provides public services, and carries out the will of the people. Governments must have power in order to make and carry out public policies. Every government has three basic kinds of power: legislative, the power to make law; executive, the power to execute, enforce, and administer law; judicial, the power to interpret laws, to determine their meaning; and to settle disputes that arise within society.

Course Documents

Government Syllabus
Course Outline

PowerPoint Notes

Unit 1 - Principles of Government

1-Principles of Government
PowerPoint; Outline
2-Forms of Government
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 2 - Origins of U.S. Government

1-The Articles of Confederation
PowerPoint; Outline
2-Constitutional Convention
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 3 - The U.S. Constitution

1-Constitution: Structure and Principles
PowerPoint; Outline
2-The Amendments
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 4 - Legislative Branch

1-Legislative Branch
PowerPoint; Outline
2-How a Bill Becomes a Law

Unit 5 - Executive Branch

1-Executive Branch
PowerPoint; Outline



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