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What is Economics?

Economics is a social science that studies how people and nations buy, sell, produce, and consume in a world where there is scarcity. At its most basic, however, economics considers how a society provides for its needs. Its most basic need is survival; which requires food, clothing and shelter. Once those are covered, it can then look at more sophisticated commodities such as services, personal transport, entertainment, the list goes on.

The modern concept of economics developed in the 18th century based on the idea that economics can be analysed mathematically, scientifically. Schools of economic thought have included Classical and Modern Political Economy, Marxian Economics, Institutional Economics and Keynesian Economics. These all have different emphases on certain aspects of economics.

Many good definitions of economics are possible, and each focus on some important aspect of the subject. To use an analogy, there is not one spot from which one can best view the Grand Canyon. Each viewpoint obscures some features and emphasizes others. There are, of course, some spots that are clearly superior to others, but people can disagree about which is the very best spot.



Course Documents

Economics Syllabus
Course Outline

Virtual Stock Exchange:
Virtual Stock Exchange
VSE Guidelines
VSE Coporate Fact Sheet

Monthly Budget Project:

Creating a Business Plan:
Grading Rubric
Sample Business Plan


PowerPoint Notes

Unit 1
1-What is Econcomics?
PowerPoint; Outline
2-Economic Choices and Decision Making
PowerPoint; Outline
3-Basic Economic Concepts
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 2
1 - Economic Systems:
2 - Capitalism & Free Enterprise
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 3
1 - What is Demand?
PowerPoint; Outline
2 - What is Supply?
PowerPoint; Outline
3 - How Prices Are Determined
PowerPoint; Outline

Unit 4
1-Business Organizations
PowerPoint; Outline
2-Business Growth and Expansion
PowerPoint; Outline



Virtual Stock Exchange
Private stock market competition set up for this class.

Smart Money University
New to investing? Need a refresher? This is the place to begin learning how to make money in the markets. Includes interactive demonstrations and tools that are as fun as they are informative. Areas covered: Basic investment theory, risk management, stock fundamentals, mutual funds, bonds and taxes.

Works Cited Guidelines
Help with citing the sources you have used in writing your papers.

10 Commandments of Good Historical Writing