2010-2011 Junior Varsity Squad
Karrley Meacham-Captain
Juleigh Jefferys- Co-Captain
Hannah Turner
Kristen Wolfe
Taylor Brock
Tory Bollen
Adriana Yaw
Kaitlyn Clements
Arielle Clay


2010-2011 Junior High Cheerleaders
Mary Clements-Captain

Kelsey Hornbuckle-Co-Captain

Sydney Neely 8th
Melanie Stewert 8th
Lauren Totten 7th
Caitlyn Cox 7th
Tori Brown 7th
Jorden Clevenger 7th
Caitlyn Santarlas 7th
Kandis Barnett 7th


Past Squads

Mrs. Smith:Cheerleading Sponsers


Q and A with Mrs. Smith

Q.Did you ever cheer in high school? Experience?

A. Yes i did cheer in high school. I cheered for one year.

Q. Have you ever been a cheer sponser?

A. No. I just volunteered for the position.

Q. Have the cheerleaders had practice yet?

A. They haven't because some of the girls play softball and they run track.

Q. Are the girls going to camp this year?

A. Yes, they are going to the University of Alabama. They will be going to a over night camp.While they are there they will learn cheers and then they will compete the each night they learn the cheer. On there routines they will be judged.

Q. Is there another cheer sponser?

A. Mrs. Allinder. She is the varsity sponser.

Q. What do you expect from the squad in the coming years?

A. Unity between all three squads. Also i want them to be successful leaders, good behavor, and a role model. There are some limits they have to have the right grade average or they will not be able to cheer.