2013-2014 Athletic Boosters

President - Gregg Armstrong

Vice President - Jeff Branham

Secretary - Kristy Goodwin

Treasurer - Debbie Hancock 

The Athletic Booster Club was established  to aid our school, along with our coaching staff, in providing our young boys and girls an opportunity to rise to their greatest potential. If you look around Locust Fork, you will see the Athletic Booster Club have worked tirelessly to improve the athletic facilities through out our campus. With all the problems in the world such as drugs, and many others we believe our kids need us to stand behind them more today than ever before. We encourage you to join the Athletic Booster Club in supporting our young people. Let's all pull together and let them know we are there for them. If you would like to join please attend one of our meetings or see an Athletic Booster Club member.  

Upcoming meetings: .