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Jonathon Kendrick

Jonathon Kendrick, a senior this year, joined the Army National Guard in his junior year.  He says he joined the Guard because he liked the idea of a challenge. His grandpa was also in the military, which helped to spur his interest in it. This summer, he trained for two and a half months at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. When asked what the toughest part of training was, Jonathon said it would have to be being put in the gas chambers without a mask or any equipment. Although it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, he really enjoys being a part of it all. After high school, he plans on attending special training in Fort Lee, Virginia.

Written by Cati Hornbuckle

This school year, LFHS has the honor of hosting three foreign exchange students, Philipp Barthel, Carlos Figueroa, and Bastion Segure. We would like to welcome them to our school and wish for them to have an enjoyable experience in our community.

Bastian Segure

Bastian SegureBastian Segure is our newest exchange student from Sweden. He is sixteen years old and has one brother and two sisters. He lives in Karlskroma where he enjoys working out and spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys rapping and plans on recording a song when he returns home. When asked about girls, he says he prefers American girls. He plans on staying at Locust Fork until he graduates.

Written by: Cati Hornbuckle

Philipp Barthel

Philipp BarthelPhilipp Barthel is this year’s German exchange student. He became an exchange student so that he could better his English and see America.

His hometown, Taura, Germany, is a small village like Locust Fork with about 2,000 people.  He played basketball for his high school.  For fun, everyone goes to concerts or the local swimming pool.  In the winter, he loves to snowboard on Fichtel Mountain.

Even though he misses Germany, Philipp admits that he likes American girls better because they are more open-minded. So far he likes America a lot and he loves living with another exchange student… Carlos Figueroa.

Written by: Jessica Laughlin; Photo by: Katie Pickle

Carlos Valle Figueroa

Carlos FigueroaCarlos Valle Figueroa is a 17-year old senior. He is our new exchange student and came to us this year from Baja California, Mexico. His small hometown, Ensenada, is a tourist city with over 100,000 people. He has two younger sisters and one younger brother.

With only 50 people in his senior class back home, coming to this school was a big change. And what does he have to say about Locust Fork girls? THUMBS UP!!!

Carlos wanted to become an exchange student in order to play football, meet new people, and appreciate his family more. His long term goals are to someday become a chemical engineer, start a family, and travel.

Written by: Cati Hornbuckle and Katie Pickle; Photo by Katie Pickle

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