2006 Senior Recognition for
Football, Band, and Cheerleading.


Andrew Allred

Andrew Allred

Parents: Johnny and Necie

Football Career: 9th and 12th grades.
Defensive Tackle.

"There's been some hard times at Locust Fork and some good times. I'm gonna miss football and the guys on the team when we graduate."


Slade Armstrong

Slade Armstrong

Parents: Joe and Pat Armstrong

Football Career: 12th grade.
Wide Receiver

"Playing football here has been an experiance of a lifetime."


Chris Beard

Chris Beards

Parents: Doug Beard

Football Career: 12th grade.
Offensive Line.

"It's the most fun I've ever had; it's helped me learn how to become a man."


Karen Black

Karen Black

Parents: Theresa Chambers

Band Career: 7-9th grade marching cymbals.
10th grade marching bass drum.
11-12th grade marching snare drum.

"I've made so many great friends in band. I'm going to miss all the fun we have at games and competitions and even practices. There's no replacement for the good times and our rockin' all girl drumline!"

Jake Carter

Jake Carter

Parents: Mark and Susan Carter

Football Career: 9, 10, and 12th grades.
Fullback and Linebacker.

"Scoring a touchdown on the same field my dad did, that made it all worth it. I'm going to miss all the guys on the team. I've been so honored to play for Locust Fork. "

Katie Cleghorn


Parents: Lynn Cleghorn and Barry Taul

Band Career: 7-9th grades marching bass drum.
10-12th grade marching the tenors.
12th - Drum Line Captain.

"Hard work and dedication definatly paid off. The past six years in band were full of memories and frienships that I'll never forget.."

Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman

Parents: Jeff and Karen Coleman

Football Career: 10-12th grades.
Wide Receiver.

"I really enjoyed wearing the green jersey under the Friday night lights ."

Dustin Deaver

Dustin Deaver

Parents: Lewis and Marie Deaver

Football Career: 11th and 12th grade.
Offensive Line.

"Getting to put on that jersey and represent my brother's old number 70 is worth it. Hopefull us seniors have started something great at Locust Fork ."

Carlos Valle Figueroa



Parents: Cain and Norma Valle
House Parents: Steve and Tania Long

Football Career: 12th Grade.

"There were moments that were good and moments that were sad, and I will cherish all of them."

LeAnn Gargus

LeAnn Gargus

Parents: Johnny and Necie

Cheerleading Career: 4 years

"I'm going to miss dancing and being with all the girls."

Elizabeth Hallmark

Elizabeth Hallmark

Parents:Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hallmark

Cheerleading Career: 6 years.

"I'm going to miss hanging out with the squad, cheering on our teams, building, preparing for Homecoming."

Eric Hudson


Parents:Jerry Roger and Earlene Hudson

Football Career: 10-12 grades.
Wide Receiver

"There are some things you won't forget. The first play I ever stepped on the field, I jumped offsides then scored twice in a row in the same game. Being around the team makes memories; things we can share together that no one else can."

Daina Jones

Daina Jones

Parents: Robin Underwood

Band Career: 7-8th grades marching bass drum.
9-11th grade marching snare drum.
12th grade drum major.

"The last six years I have made the best friends I will ever have through band. We're all like one big family. I'm going to miss all of them-- even when they give me a hard time at practice. All in all it all pays off and we know who owns the field-- Emrald Night!."

Kimberly McCay

Kimberly McCay

Parents: JoAnna and Keith McCay

Cheerleading Career: 6 years

"I'm going to miss dancing!! I love to dance and perform in front of the crowd."

Stefany Pate

Stefany Pate

Parents: Mark and Debbie Pate

Cheerleading Career: 6 years

"I'm going to miss when I'm teaching the squad a dance or cheer and it clicks. It all comes together perfectly and I love it."

Lacey Phillips


Parents: Donald and Robin Phillips

Band Career: 8-10th grades marching baritone.
11-12th grade marching tuba.

"I'm going to miss competitions-- the turkey legs, the orb od confusion [acch acch acch]. I'm going to miss all of my band friends and the band trips-- Trailer Trash Kids!!!."

T.J. Standridge


Parents: Tim Standridge and Anna Wilkins

Football Career: 9-12th grades.
Line Back and Running Back.

"If I can overcome football, I can do anything in life."

Brandon Standridge


Parents: Debra and Roger Standridge

Football Career: 9-12th grades.
Wide Receiver

"I'm really going to miss hanging out with the guys on the team."

John Stephenson


Parents: Patty and Jim Stephenson

Band Career: 8-9th grades marching trumpet.
10-12th grades marching bari saxaphone.

"I'm going to miss the football games and complaining about practice."

Chris Thompson


Parents: Kenneth and Shelia Chapman

Football Career: 9-12th grades.
Running back and Corner Back.

"Football really changed the way I look at life. I'm going to miss the people on team and the games."





Stephen Young


Parents: April and Fred McCarl

Band Career: 7-9th grades marching trumpet.
10-12th grades marching alto saxaphone.

"I'm going to miss Mr. Mckinney and John. haha."