2007 Schedule

Date Opponent Place Time Scores
Feb.27 Pinson Pinson 4:00 W 8-5
Mar.1 Pennington Pennington 4:00 Rain Out
Mar.3 Hayden Tour. Hayden TBA  
Mar.6 Hayden Hayden 4:00 W 4-3
Mar.8 Cleveland Cleveland 4:00 W 12-8
Mar.12 Oneonta Oneonta 4:30 L 12-2
Mar.13 St.Clair St.Clair 4:00 L 10-6 W9-1
Mar.15 Susan Moore Susan Moore 4:00 L 1-0
Mar.16 Appalachian Locust Fork 3:30

W 13-2 W 10-1

Mar.26 Fultondale Fultondale 4:00 L 12-0
Mar.27 Tarrant Tarrant 4:00 W 10-9
Mar.29 Susan Moore Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.2 Fultondale Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.5 Tarrant Locust Fork 4:30  
Apr.9 Pinson Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.11,12,13 County Tour. Locust Fork TBA  
Apr.17 Hayden Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.19 St.Clair Locust Fork 4:00  
Apr.23 Cleveland Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.24 Oneonta Locust Fork 3:30  
Apr.30 Pennington Locust Fork 4:00  
May 3,4 Area Tour. St.Clair TBA  
(A) - Area Game  

2007 Varsity Softball Roster

  Kristy Biles 12th
  Patience Marsh 12th
  Lauren Smith 12th
  Taylor Boatwright 11th
  Kaity Irey 11th
  Jenny Martin 11th
  Cassie McCay 11th
  Candance Glasscock 10th
  Amy Hicks 10th
  Amy Parkins 10th
  Rashae Reid 10th




2007 Softball

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The Lady Hornets opened up their 2007 season with a win over the Pinson Valley Indians on Febuary 27th. Junior pitcher, Cassie McCay started off the Locust Fork Hornet defense by strikeing out the Indians lead-off batter. After 3 innings of 3 up, 3 down, the Hornets began to struggle in the 4th with minor errors, allowing the Indians to pull ahead, 5-4. In the 7th inning the Hornets regained their strength and came back as Patience Marsh, center fielder, laid a bunt down the first base line, moving Taylor Boatwright, into scoring position. Next up, Kristy Blies, right fielder, downed a bunt along the third base line, causing the Indians to overthrow the ball and allowing Taylor Boatwright to score, tieing the ballgame. With scores tied up at five, the one and only Lauren "Sumette" Smith walked up to bat. After two balls and one strike, Mette managed to grab hold of the following pitch and knocked it over the fence, ended her final at bat for the game with a homerun, bringing in two other runs for the Hornets, the score now at 8-5. The Hornets, then took the field. After a quick inning of tight defence, the time ran out, leaving the Locust Fork Hornets with a victory over the Pinson Valley Indians, 8-5.