Teacher Spotlight: Coach Martin

+Dennis Martin teaches american and world history. He gre up in Liberty Blount County and attended G B Pennington High School. During High school Mr. Martin played many sports which consists of football, baseball, track, and basketball. He revealed taht while making all sate in football for years, he got the chance to play with David Croyee on the all star team. With football season behind him Mr. Martin prepares for basketball season in winter. Mr martin reveals taht maybe basketball is not his best sport when he explains in the game against Hayden with no one surrrounding him on the court he puts up the shot and sinks it in but to his surprise he made the shot for Hayden. As spring shines into back season he won the victory of first peace in the 4-40 and went on to state where he performed and recieved fourth place. While studying is important the weekends resembled to Mr. Martin exclamed enjoymenmt of the drive-inn does most compete with the drag racing in front of the east side cafe. He revelas the excitement bebgan when the law was speeding to catch the delequents scattered in fourty different directjions. After High School he decided to higher his educatjion at the colleges JacksonvilleState, Athen's Sate, and the university of Alabama where he recieved a degree at all three. Mr Martin really wanted to attend the University of Alabama but unfortunatly they did most offer a scholorship but they told him he could try out as a walk-on in football so eh decided to take the scholoarship that was put in front of him. He began his higher educatjion at Jacksonville State where he recieved a buisness degree. While at Jaksonville State he came face to face with his wife, Donna Jo McCann. All it took was a whiff of his karote cologne and Donna was hooked. Whle after an Auburn football game Martin professed his loved and soon became a nAlabama fan. Later he transfered to Athens state and gota bachelars degree in teaching. Then went to University of Alabama where he recived his masters in education. With college behind him martns life was layed ahead of him and he now has four children: Kristi, Buckym, Casey, and Luci. Kristi is the oldest of the four and got a basketball scholorship after college she went in the army and is currently serving for the country. Bucky went to college on a football scholorship and was an air pilot up until 9-11 and is currentluy an electrician and flys the company plane. Casey married a soldier Wes Johnson and both girls now reside in Texas. Luci is an adopted daughter from the outside of Columbia in South America. Another paort of the family would be his dog. Barney.
Mr. martin has an act for a sense of hurmor, he enjoys good contraversy which begins with a good attituted. Mr. Martin finds fun in playing practicler jokes on on everyone. For example, one time while he was takign a class at Wallace when he was around 45 or 46 he appeared in a suit and tie. A group of kids stumbled into the classroom and though he was the professor, so he took it upon his self to dissmiss class til the next week he told the kids to get a bgook and week they would would get started.during the middle of what should have been class 6 students and professor decided to report the incident. The dean called Martin to his office he gave a stern look and began laughing he told Mr. Martin to not repeat this event. Another insident was when Mr. Hallaman were taking a class for there masters. Hallman decide to was a paper into a ball and hit Mr. Martin in the face the professor piecieved in chewing him out. So Martin took matters in his own hands and threw a piece of paper and hit Hallman right in the face the professor turned and laughed and remained with call
. He knew he alwasy wanted to be a teacher, he knew it was his calling. The one thing that inspired Martin to be a coach was when he was in college in an undefeated season they were playing Troy in a bowl game the swapped teh lead back and fourth. Troy kicked field goal with a minute left. They left the field and Coach Pale sadi you just ran out of time and you are always going to be a winner if you keep trying. Mr Martin has coached 28 years it consists of football and baseball. Back then they did not offer conference ring so a couple of years ago they let everyone who played for Coach pale got to order conferece rings. He thinks if you have a positve attitute and grow from struggles you can imporve on anything.

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