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We have many times been asked the question, “What makes Emrald Night so special?” Sometimes this question has been in words, sometimes it has been in mannerisms and more often than not, it has been derogatory. Yet the answer is the same simple truth that has guided man’s success for thousands of years and will continue to guide anyone who is willing to follow. This simple truth is this: if we are willing to work hard and pay the price to do that which God has called us to do; if we are willing to commit everything we do unto Him; if we are willing to trust Him to lead us; then He will, and where he leads is victory. If we are special, it is by His hand that we are so, all that we have He has given us and all that we have become He has made us. Our young people are special because they have seen what God can do and I hope that as they live their lives they will remember.

Alvin Mckinney

Mr. McKinney came to us in 1978 after receiving both his BS and MA degrees at the University of North Alabama at Florence and his teacher's certification from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Without doubt, we have proof from our competition scores, he has developed one of the finest music programs anywhere. Unlike other music departments, Locust Fork's begins very early with primary grade students and continues with intermediate and junior varsity music programs. The effectiveness of early study becomes obvious with each group which is graduated from junior varsity to varsity marching and concert band. Mr. McKinney's personal dedication and devotion to each phase of musical education is indeed obvious when observing the past years scoring and awards the band has achieved. Along with teaching music, Mr. McKinney has endeavored to teach something which can be taken through life with each of his music students. This is, the ability to work as a team with honor, dignity, mutual respect, and a singular dedication to each task necessary to be performed. There are no small responsibilities as members of a band, all are important as each member is important to the success of each band performance. After band members graduate this knowledge and appreciation of others and of self-worth will certainly enhance each of their lives.

"You don't meet people like Mr. McKinney everyday and that's a shame. He shows he cares in a way that most people have forgotten. He pushes his students to do their best and reach their real potential. He trys his best to teach his students self-dicipline and respect. He has been an inspiration to me and my love for music. I know that anyone else who has taken the time to talk to him would say the same." -Laura Graves