Alumni Spotlight: Steve Martin

By Tiffany Boatright
October 26, 2005

As Bama fever sweeps the state, we here at Locust Fork High School are proud to say that one of our alumni, Steve Martin, is part of the strength and conditioning staff at the University of Alabama. He joined the Crimson Tide staff in 1997 and has helped to boost the program to one of the best in the country.

Although Steve only attended Locust Fork for his last two years of high school, he said that going to school here had a positive influence on his life. Mr. Martin started school at Locust Fork in 1980. He came here with his father, Dan Martin, who was the football coach. Steve played football under his father, and was number sixty-one his senior year. His favorite teacher was Mr. Glen Taylor, who taught Physics. Steve said that he does not know why that they have stayed good friends for so long, but they have been friends now for twenty- five years. While Steve was in high school the styles were very true to the eighties. He said that everyone wore preppy clothes and had mullets, but was very quick to add that he never had one himself! When asked to share a humorous story he said, “I don’t have any that I can share on a family website.” Mr. Martin says that the good times, the good people, and the simple life were the things he remembered most about Locust Fork.

Dennis Martin, a teacher and coach at Locust Fork now, remembers the time he took Steve to his first Alabama-Auburn football game in 1982. They cheated to get into the game with NIT basketball tickets from the previous year. Steve was nervous that the cops were going to catch them entering the stadium. Miraculously, they got inside but had to sit in the center of the Auburn student cheering section. Steve had on a bright crimson Alabama jacket. The Auburn students were not polite, cussing them, pouring whiskey, and throwing things at them. Steve immediately wanted to leave, but there was no where to go. The bright part of the day was Alabama winning the game.

After he graduated in 1982, he first attended Jefferson State. Then it was on to the University of Alabama, Samford, Auburn, and TCU. He received degrees in History and Math. He said that he went to school strictly to play football and never gave one thought to what he was going to do next. He played football at Samford for two years. He later walked on at Alabama. He said after graduating he was offered a job as a strength trainer and took it.

He continues to work with all of the athletes at the University of Alabama. He coaches them in the weight room and runs them to keep them in shape. He enjoys his job because he gets to work with young people and see them turn into productive citizens.

Steve has been married for eleven years to his wife, Corinne. They met in Fort Worth, Texas at the restaurant that she ran and where he ate almost every night. They have two children, Jainie Beth and Anna Claire. He now has many hobbies such as jogging, weight lifting, playing with his children, teaching Sunday school, and working in his yard.

Daughters, Jainie Beth and Anna Claire pictured on the right; Photo of University of Alabama strength & conditioning center from