Alumni Spotlight: Sam Hallman

By Tiffany Boatright
January 31, 2006

Sam Hallman is a 1998 graduate of Locust Fork High School, who now spends his time as a youth minister at NorthPark Baptist Church in Trussville, Alabama. Sam came to Locust Fork as a freshman in 1994. He mentions how great the atmosphere was at Locust Fork, and says everyone was fun and friendly. He also tells about his teachers, Mrs. Waid, Mrs. Cornelius, Mr. Blackwood, and Coach Clevenger. He says they were very encouraging to the students, except Coach Clevenger, who was always mean. His favorite teacher was Mr. Holt, simply because Sam had never met such a unique individual. In high school he played basketball, was a student assistant for Mr. Hughes, was in the Student Government Association, was a member of the Future Farmers of America, and the Future Homemakers of America. He not only showed his school spirit through extracurricular activities, he also expressed it in “Hornet Man”. Sam tried to boost school spirit among other students by painting himself as “Hornet Man” and tying a towel around his neck!

In addition to “Hornet Man,” he recalls two other humorous stories. The first one is about taking an entire case of toilet tissue from Mrs. Youngblood, or “nanny”, as she was called by Sam and his classmates. The second story involves a head, a window, and shattered glass. Sam was trying to get his hacky-sack from outside of Mr. Ingram’s window, when his head got stuck. He tried to pull his head out, but the window shattered!

He made many fond memories at Locust Fork, but he left his high school days behind to start attending college. He started his college education at Jefferson State Community College, where he attended for two years. Then he went to the University of Montevallo for two years and graduated. He majored in communication studies and philosophy. He is now a youth minister at NorthPark Baptist Church for middle school students. About his career his says, “God called me into the ministry; I want to show people about God.” He also says that he wants students today to know the importance of making plans for college. He is married to Maureen Parker Hallman. He has many hobbies, which include basketball, golf, and running. The day before our interview, he was on the set of the newest Will Farrell movie. He was cast as an extra! His part was to be a fan in the stands at the Talladega Speedway. He says the experience was very fun.