Alumni Spotlight: Mrs. Lola Hicks
November 26, 2007

Mrs. Lola Mae Hicks was born on September 30, 1946 at her grandmother's home in Oneonta, Al. She has one older brother and a younger sister. She attended Sterling Elementary in Dallas, Al from first grade to sixth grade.

In the seventh grade, she moved to Locust Fork High. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Stoddard, the home economics teacher. She never got in trouble during her school years, because she preferred not to get in trouble by her father.

Martha Watson, who recently resigned as City Clerk for Oneonta, was her best friend in High School. They enjoyed hanging out with friends, going to football games, and "go cruising around Oneonta". Her boyfriend was Gene Hicks, now her husband.

She enjoyed listening to Rock music such as Elvis and The Beach Boys. Her favorite song was "Solider Boy" by the Shirelles.

Mrs. Lola graduated in the year of 1964. Her class enjoyed a senior picnic, the Homecoming parade, and bonfire. One of her favorite memories was the junior/senior prom. It was located in the new gym, which is now the cafetorium. They had a wonderful time dancing and talking among friends. This was one of the last times the entire class was together besides graduation.

She was in the Beta Club, the FHA and the Dance Club. One thing she misses about high school is seeing her friends. Many of her classmates still live around here and sometimes she sees them at the Produce.

If she could go back in time she says she would be meaner and would have finished her education. As it was, she broke her leg and wasn't able to begin work as a nurse, even though she passed the exams. So after her leg healed she began her first job at 1st National Bank. She was married in 1965 and has three daughters, Wendy Hardin, Jeanna Self, and Michele Cooper.

She now works in the Lunchroom at Locust Fork School. Mrs. Lola believes Locust Fork is the greatest place in the world to work because it has the most wonderful kids. Her father, daughters and granddaughter have graduated from Locust Fork as well. She says they are just a Locust Fork family.

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