Alumni Spotlight: Jenny Fountain

By Tiffany Boatright
December 2, 2005

Jenny Fountain was a Locust Fork High School graduate in 1995. Although Jenny lives in California, she remains close to her family. Her mother is one of our bus drivers, Mrs. Fountain. Jenny said that she has always been close to her family, but they became even closer when their house burned when she was in the fourth grade. She says that the whole family worked to rebuild it. Her father remembers, “I paid the kids one penny for every brick they cleaned.” They used the bricks from the old house to rebuild the new one.

Jenny has three siblings: Richard, Jainie, and Joy. She says that they do not get to see each other as much as she would like, but it was great to always have someone around while she was growing up. Once, her brother played a joke on her. Richard told her that she had mail, which is a really big deal when you are in the fourth grade. After going to check the mailbox, she discovered a dead rat!

While attending school at Locust Fork, she was involved in various activities, such as basketball, softball, the National Honor Society, the Student Government Association, and the band. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Blackwood and Mr. Golden. Mr. Blackwood got her involved in literature in college, and coached her in J.V. basketball. Mr. Golden was the first to get her involved in athletics, which are still important to her. She also says that she loved Coach Pate, although he did paddle her during her senior year. She says, “It definitely hurt.” She also says that in high school she got in trouble a lot, but mainly for talking. While in high school, she drove three different cars and wrecked them all. First, was a Chevy Cavalier convertible, which she wrecked on the way to a basketball game. Next, was a Z24, which her boyfriend wrecked. The last was a Dodge Daytona. She remembered many things about Locust Fork, but most of all was her involvement in sports here. She also fondly remembers the community, especially that everyone looks out for each other here. She adds that being involved in sports and the band taught her to do her best and pushed her to do everything she could.

After graduating, she attended the University of Alabama. She majored in French and English. She graduated from Alabama in 1999. Then, she went to law school at Emory, and graduated there in 2002. After law school she went to Texas. While in Texas, a clerkship for a federal judge became available in California. She was only supposed to stay for two years. She now works at a law firm in San Francisco. Jenny says, “I always knew I was going to be a lawyer.” She also adds that her favorite part of her career is the challenging work. She says that she is constantly learning something new.

Jenny loves San Francisco. She says it is beautiful, but she wishes that it was warmer. She spends her winters in her cabin in Tahoe. There she likes to ski and snowboard. She also enjoys hiking, playing with her dog Baby, going to the beach, and running. Jenny recently trained for four months for a marathon which was held on October 23, 2005. This was her second marathon and she ran it in four hours and twenty-seven minutes. She also likes to participate in triathlons with her boyfriend, Frederic. She met Frederic Henri Servais in San Francisco. Although she has started a new life in California, she will never forget the wonderful memories she made in Locust Fork.