Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Rhea-Heidrich

October 13, 2009
By: Joy Hornbuckle

            This majorette spun her last baton in 1985 when she graduated. Jennifer Rhea- Heidrich was one of the last Locust Fork majorettes to walk our halls. Starting in the first grade, Jennifer was the third generation to come to Locust Fork in her family. She began playing the saxophone in the fourth grade. Upon reaching the seventh grade Jennifer joined the marching band. Jennifer did not become a majorette until the tenth grade with Mr. McKinney. She was also very busy being a member of the Yearbook Staff and National Honor Society. Jennifer’s high school years flew by with great memories of the band. College was her next move.
     Straight out of high school Jennifer started college at Jefferson State. She soon switched over to the University of Alabama at Birmingham to major in computer science and mathematics. Throughout college Coach King helped Jennifer tremendously when it comes to Pre-calculus. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science before her father got sick and she left college. Jennifer is currently is a software developer. She says it is very rewarding getting to see the end results and knowing she created it. Mr. Wood at the Blount County Career Tech Center was the biggest inspiration to Jennifer. Outside of work Jennifer has a very family filled world.
            Jennifer has two children, a boy and a girl. Jacob is eight years old and Sydney is six years old. She loves to spend time with her family and read books. Jennifer does not have a favorite novel, but she does have a favorite author, Dean Koontz. Jennifer enjoys reading mystery and science fiction novels the most. In the winter her favorite activity is to go snow skiing. Whether she is reading or snow skiing Jennifer will always remember her high school years.
Jennifer stated that if she could go through high school all over again she would. She truly enjoyed her time at Locust Fork.

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