Alumni Spotlight: Jason Hollingsworth

Officer Hollingsworth

By: Katie Pickle
October 6, 2006

Jason Hollingsworth, Locust Fork's school resource officer, made a brave and life Officer Hollingsworthchanging decision last year.  He decided to leave the U.S. to train and mentor Iraqi police officers.

To become a trainer there was an eight year requirement in law enforcement. In addition, he had to go through a two week training course in Fredericksburg, Virginia and one week in El Paso, Texas. Along with the desire to fight for his country he also became interested from co-workers that were in the military field.

Officer Hollingsworth originally had a contract to stay in Iraq for one year but has extended it for six more months. In May, he will return home for good. He said there are a number of things different between here and Iraq.  The weather is hot and dry, and no electricity makes Officer Hollingsworthconditions even worse. People are very hostile and there is someone always shooting at you. They have a strict culture with the women being completely covered. Jason also stated that the people in Iraq are extremely lazy and things are not getting better over there.

The hardest part of his whole experience is of course being away from his family. Then there is living in harsh conditions. He says the food is really nasty and men go up to two weeks without taking a bath. These are things people couldn't imagine themselves doing but it's something he wakes up to everyday.

Class of 1991Jason Hollingsworth graduated from Locust Fork High School in 1991. His favorite memory was hanging out with his best friend Yancy Roberts. He said, “I would like to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers.”  He will be glad to come home and we will be glad to see him back here at Locust Fork!

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