Alumni Spotlight: DaNeal Partain Huber


August 31 , 2009

Mrs. Huber is currently a second grade teacher at Locust Fork Elementary School. However, her Locust Fork life did not begin recently but almost twenty years ago when she was in the first grade. Mrs Huber, formally known as DaNeal Partain, is a "third generation LFer". While attending Locust Fork, Mrs. Huber participated in numerous activities offered by the school. Not only was she a cheerleader but played on the court and field. She played in almost every sport offered. She was in basketball, track, softball, and volleyball. Mrs.Huber was a member of the Yearbook and National Honor Society. She was also invovled in class officers as the tresurer. Sadly enough Mrs. Huber's LF years ended in 1999 but her schooling continued.

Straight out of high school Mrs. Huber started her college career at Jefferson Sate College. For two years she attended Jeff State before she decided it was time for a change of pace. Mrs. Huber then moved to Cincinnati where she met and married her husband, Jereme Huber. Not long after their meeting, they both moved to Alabama. She then proceeded with her college education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. At UAB she earned her degrees in early childhood development and elementary education. Mrs. Huber also had one child while at UAB.

Mrs. Huber now has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is named Lukas, and is six years old in the first grade at Locust Fork. Her girl is only seventeen months old and named Evangelynn. She will also be sent to Locust Fork. Since marrying her husband, Mrs. Huber's spare time is spent with her family. She enjoys swimmingwith them, going to the movies, and carrying her son to football. To Mrs. Huber, her home life is just as important to her as her teaching job.

Mrs. Huber was inspired to be a teacher mostly by Mr. Frankey Blackwood. She recalls that she wouldn't have made it through college without him. Now, she is a teacher and loves knowing she makes a difference. Her favorite thing to see in her job is when a student has a "bulb moment", and relizes that they will carry what they just learned with them for life. Strangely enough Mrs. Huber always wanted to be a marine biologist, because she is fascinated with the ocean. However, Mrs. Huber is thrilled with the way her life turned out.

Indeed, Mrs. Huber is very passionate about her teaching career and that is why she is our alumni spotlight.


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