Alumni Spotlight: Cathy Latham-Holley

November 23 , 2009
By: Joy Hornbuckle

                                 Cathy Latham is part of the Locust Fork graduating class of 1977. Cathy Holley, as she is now known, is from the time of hip huggers and bell bottoms. She started Locust Fork in the first grade just as her mother, brother, and sister did. She currently works as a sixth grade math teacher at Cleveland School.
            Cathy achieved many things throughout her high school years. She held a very active role at Locust Fork as the vice president of Student Council in her junior year and president of Student Council in her senior year.While keeping up with the Student Council, Cathy also was on the track team where she was the long jump winner. Cathy’s favorite subject was math with Ms. Judy Davidson. Ms. Davidson was the woman that stayed on Cathy throughout her high school years. If Cathy was not inside of class studying, she was at her favorite hangout or with her friends.
            The most favorite hangout for Cathy was the Hornet’s Nest restaurant. She and her best friends, Stacy Hallmark, Susan Marsh, and Janet Holt would spend time there on Friday nights after the football games. On the weekend when Cathy wasn’t working on the family farm, she would play an old fashion game of softball in the field. She also enjoyed watching Grease and listening to Elvis, Rod Stewart, and The Eagles. Cathy not only remembers her friends but about memories at school.
            Cathy admits that she indeed did have a favorite school lunch item, the apple crunch, and she still craves it today. While in high school Cathy also had a school crush, Mike Waldon. If she could have had any car of that time it would have been a candy apple red Mustang. The memory most vivid to Cathy was the Homecoming Dance where she was crowned Homecoming Queen. She recalls how much fun Homecoming was, but how much work came with it as the president of Student Council. Cathy will also never forget her senior prom. The theme was Stairway to Heaven, and she went with Ronald Holley, who is now her husband.
            Ronald Holley and Cathy soon got married after high school and started their family. Cathy did not go straight to college but eventually did. She started off college at Wallace and got her Associate’s Degree in Sports Medicine. She then moved to Athens State to get a degree in Elementary Education. The hardest thing for Cathy throughout college was having a family, keeping up with work, and caring for her sick parents. However the effort paid off because Cathy is now happily teaching math, just as Ms. Davidson hoped.
            Cathy did not start teaching at Cleveland. In fact she was a teacher at Springville for her first job. Cathy gives all of her credit for getting that job to Mr. Tim Clevenger. She states that he was the reason she got that job. She currently works at Cleveland School as a sixth grade math teacher. She loves her workplace and how there is such a close knit teaching staff. However if Cathy could have had any other job she would have  been an airline sturdiest because it would have been unique to fly all over the world. She is glad that she became a math teacher though, so she can spend more time with her family instead of in the air.
            Coming this March, Cathy and her husband will have married for thirty-three years. They have three children together, Crystal, Caleb “Beaver”, and Blair. Cathy says the joy of her life would have to be her three grandbabies, Hope, Faith, and Abby Grace. When she is not occupied with her family Cathy is teaches aerobics in Locust Fork. She has also been the volleyball coach at Cleveland High School for the past three years. Cathy in addition is very active in her home church. She helps organize the yearly Judgment House and Andy Griffith play. She enjoys running and walking on a daily basis too. She still has the same best friends from high school and they go on yearly vacation together; just recently they went on a cruise. Cathy is not quite sure where they are going this year, but it will be fun. Cathy has a very busy life but still has moments where she remembers the wonderful high school years!

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