Alumni Spotlight: Mrs. Cande Sanders

By Kris Holt
September 23, 2008

Mrs. Cande Corneilus Sanders graduated from Locust Fork High School in 1989. Cande participated in Band, Scholars Bowl, and was a member of the National Honor Society. Her favorite subjects were Economics/Government and American History. Cande's high school career was filled with many experiences that made great memories to last a lifetime.

In fifth grade she and her classmates tried setting up their teacher, Deb Jones, with any eligible bachelor they knew. She says Ms. Jones was always "a good sport." Years later, during her eighth grade year, the school system started a Home Economics/Agriculture class. During the cooking portion of the Home Ec. class she was in a group with Carol Ann Huffstutler, Charlie Horton, and Mark Honeycutt. They often burned their creations to a crisp, but group member Mark Honeycutt ate the burnt item anyways. One of the other groups actually set the kitchen on fire! Fortunately, no one was injured. In Ag. class, Mr. Ellis would let all of them practice “routing” on wood. She remembers making signs and selling them to classmates. They thought they looked great, but looking back she realizes they really looked awful. Their favorite signs proclaimed their love for someone, for example, “Cande Loves ______”, which they kept in their lockers.

Cande had many favorite teachers: Betty Mullins was a wonderful Government and History teacher, Doris Cornelius taught English her sophomore year, Joyce Waid and Judy Davidson were excellent math teachers, and Barbara C (Granny) Rhodes taught accounting and typing. Mr. McKinney, the band director, said, “Cande was a fine band member, very mature, and an excellent musician. She was a wonderful student, very dedicatedm, and responsible." In 1988 Mrs. Mullins allowed her class to watch the space shuttle lift off on TV. It was a big deal because it was the first launch since the shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986.

Cande has many great memories as a member of the Emrald Night Band, where she played the alto saxophone and baritone saxophone. Cande said, "One of my friends in the band was Cherie Crider. Cherie drove a green car and always kept a can of green spray paint in the backseat in case we hit something while we were out." When the band had a car wash fundraiser, they washed Cherie’s car and were drying it when they hilariously realized the spray paint was coming off.

The band played in many high profile events while she was in school. Her sophomore year they went to a competition at Six Flags where they received superior ratings and Best in Class. In 1987, the band participated in Governor Guy Hunt’s inaugural parade in Montgomery. It was a beautiful day in January, but so cold they all had to huddle together to keep warm. The parade took hours to start so they were freezing by the time they started marching. When televangelist and presidential candidate Pat Robertson came to Birmingham for a rally, the band played the theme song from the movie, “Rocky”. Channel 6 News also spotlighted the band during a promo for their station. The promo was aired for a week so they got to catch themselves quite a few times on TV.

After graduation, Mrs. Sanders attended UAB and achieved a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Accounting. Today, she works with pediatrician offices owned by Children’s Hospital. They own sixteen offices throughout the state and she is their Hospital Accounting Contact. Mrs. Sanders is the treasurer of the Alumni Association. She is married to Mr. Hoyt Sanders, the mayor of Pinson. They have two sons, a three year old and an eight month old.

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