Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Osborne

February 26, 2010
By: Joy Hornbuckle

 Dr. Rachel Osborne loved her high school years. Graduating in 1993, Rachel became the fourth generation in her family to earn a diploma from Locust Fork High School. She has recently opened the first dental practice in Locust Fork.

She started making friends and memories at a very young age.  Rachel was in Ms. Gamble’s kindergarten class and was part of the first kindergarten class to ever graduate at Locust Fork. She remembers her high school years the most and loved every minute of it. She kept very busy being part of various clubs and sports. Out of basketball, softball, cheerleading, French club, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and SGA, cheerleading was definitely her favorite school activity. She loved to plan and participate in the Homecoming activities; however, pep rallies were the best for Rachel. Her senior year, she was crowned Miss Locust Fork and was runner up for Homecoming Queen. Through all of this, Rachel had some awesome friends by her side.

Season Youngblood, Tony Davis, Nancy Hallmark, and Bridget Standridge were Rachel’s best friends and went through everything with her. They often hung out at Rachel’s house after school, ate, watched Top Gun, and listened to The Eagles. She was fortunate enough to have her mother as a teacher in the school too. Her mother taught math and that soon turned into Rachel’s favorite subject. She remembered her favorite thing about lunch was the salad bar. She admitted that she had a high school crush too, Donnie Taylor. Rachel said the thing she learned most from high school was that personal relationships matter. Quickly after finishing high school, Rachel worked on finding her future career.

Fresh out of high school Rachel went to college to earn a Nursing degree and realized that was not the job for her. Following in her mom’s footsteps, she then tried to get a teaching degree. However, once again, she discovered that was not the career she wanted. She thereafter found her calling to become a dentist. The road to fulfilling this was a long one. She first attended Wallace State Community College and then transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There Rachel majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry as an undergraduate. To obtain her Doctorate of Dentistry, Rachel attended dental school, also at UAB. In 2008, she earned a Bachelor’s in Science and finally her DMD. Rachel says the top reason she went into Dentistry was to take care of people. However if she could have any other job, it would be a homemaker or mother. Rachel’s personal life plays a big role in her success.

Rachel Osborn married Leif Johnson on December 18, 2004.  In her spare time, she says she loves spending time with her husband, and if she was deserted on an island she would definitely bring him with her. She would also bring her Bible with her. Rachel also loves being a member of Locust Fork Baptist Church. She absolutely enjoys it there and is a part of many events.

Rachel recently had the grand opening of her new dental practice in Locust Fork. Rachel chose this location because it is where she grew up and wants to live. The dental practice took her over a year to complete and the hardest part of developing her own practice was the long process of planning. She was nervous that the dental practice would not have patients and be successful. However, Rachel is proud to say that her business is doing wonderfully. Her aspiration for the clinic is to have a successful, professional dental practice. Within her practice, Rachel does different types dental work from root canals to crownings to bridges to dentures. If there is ever a dental emergency, Rachel is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When the office is closed and a patient calls the office phone, it links to her cell phone. Also at the practice everything is completely digital. Whenever an x-ray is taken it immediately pops up on the screen in front of the patient. This feature helps the practice move along faster and more efficiently. Rachel treats all ages at her new clinic.

Rachel says she will always hold Locust Fork High School close to her heart and had the best time while there.

Visit Doctor Rachel Osborn at 2984 Highway 79 Suite 300. Monday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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