Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Sherrer

By:Ashley Holt

Ms. Kristen Sherrer attended Locust Fork High School and graduated in 2001. During high school she played various sports such as: softball and basketball, as well as ran track and cheered. Ms. Sherrer went to her senior prom, "Take My Breath Away", with her boyfriend, her best friend and her best friend's date. While talking to Ms. Sherrer about that night, she said it wound up being "kinda cheesy".

After she graduated from Locust Fork High School, Ms. Sherrer attended The University of Alabama. After trying several different majors, she finally settled on education, specifically becoming a math teacher. Becoming a math teacher was what Ms. Sherrer felt she was called to do because it brought the promise of being a positive impact on the students and would allow her to find a good job after college. Though she felt choosing to teach math was a good idea, it was also a challenge because she considered math her weakest subject. In 2005, after completing the necessary courses, Ms. Sherrer graduated at the top of her class from Cum Laude at The University of Alabama.

After graduating from The University of Alabama Ms. Sherrer began teaching at Locust Fork High School and has been teaching here for six years. As well as teaching five math classes, Ms. Sherrer also sponsors the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society. By sponsoring the Mu Alpha Theta it allows Ms. Sherrer to share her love of math with other students at Locust Fork High School.

Throughout the tough times of her high school and college career, Ms. Sherrer's family was there to support her. Her family primarily consists of her parents, Kenneth and Shelia Sherrer, and her younger brother Adam Sherrer. In April of 2011, Ms. Sherrer plans to add her fiancé, Josh Dixon, to her family. Outside of spending time with her family, Ms. Sherrer enoys reading, watching movies, and cooking. She finds joy in playing softball and basketball, traveling to different places, and solving systems of equations. (By the way: she was just kidding about the systems of equations).