Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Honeycutt

By Rebekah Hollingsworth

Mrs. Honeycutt is a well recognized face here at Locust Fork. She has taught math here since 2003. She grew up attending Crossville High School where she played on the basketball team. After graduating, she went to Snead Community College where she transfered to Jacksonville State University. At Jacksonville, Mrs. Honeycutt earned her Bachelors in Math Education. Her inspiration to become a teacher was Donnie Colvin, her high school English teacher. "She was an awesome and very effective teacher."

Mrs. Honeycutt says the best thing about her job is getting to work with all of the students and doing what she loves; math. "My least favorite thing about this job is grading all of their papers," Mrs. Honeycutt laughed.

She is not only a great teacher, but a very skilled archer. She has competed in tournaments and has won several medals. When asked about why she took up archery, she only shrugged and said "My husband did it. I wanted to spend time with him, so I became interested in archery." Mrs. Honeycutt and her husband, Harold, have been married for 17 years. She also explained how one must maintain strength and ability to be an archer. She usually practices once a week in the off season.

Outside of school and archery, Mrs. Honeycutt enjoys knitting, reading, cooking, and horseback riding. She has three horses, three cats, two dogs and a rabbit. Locust Fork High is very lucky to have a wonderful and unique person like Mrs. Honeycutt.