Teacher Spotlight: Ms.Holmes


By Brook Chamblee and Casey Irey
September 2009


           Even though Ms.Holmes enjoys spending time with her English bulldog, Coach, and time with her fiancé, Bryan, she drives thirty minutes each day to come and teach general Science at Locust Fork. This Snead native was born on November 1, 1984, in Birmingham and raised in Snead. Ms. Holmes attended Susan Moore School and then went onto Snead State for two years before heading to Faulkner University in Montgomery, for another three years.

           When asked her inspiration to go into teaching, Ms.Holmes replied “I tried it for a semester and it just fit. It helps that I love kids.” While in high school and college, she participated in many extracurricular activities, including band, cheerleading, yearbook, and in college was a member of Phi Lambda. Her other activities in college included her taking bowling class because she was required to have a sport class credit.

            Before she began teaching here at Locust Fork, she spent a month at Susan Moore, and even ended up having one of her younger brothers in her class. She is not without friends. Mrs. Courington , a math teacher, is in an old friend of Ms.Holmes. Mrs. Courington, Ms.Holmes, and Ms.Holmes’ fiancé all attended the same summer camp in 9th grade and subsequent years, serving as counselors. One year, Ms.Holmes was not able to go, and her future fiancé messaged her on Facebook and arranged a weekend date. They have not missed more than two weekends in a role to see each other since June of 2007.They have set June 5, 2010 as their wedding date.

When she is not teaching, Ms.Holmes is spending time with her family, which consist of her parents and her younger,  16-year-old twin brothers.If Ms.Holmes won the lottery, she would “pay off all debt and buy a house,”