Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Hallman


By Brook Chamblee and Casey Irey
September 2009

Although food and dogs are a big part of Coach Hallman's life, he also enjoys teaching at LFHS. Growing up, he always looked forward to school. He attended Cleveland Elementary until the forth grade. Then moved to Susan Moore, where he participated in football and finished out high school.

Ever since ninth grade, Coach Hallman had the desire to teach. He was inspired by Coach Dale Foster becuase, he was a great teacher and aslo skilled coach. He attended Jacksonville State where he received his B.S. in education. He continued his studies at the University of Alabama where he furthered his degree to Masters.

After college, he was offered a job at LFHS. He started off teaching history and coaching football. Going on his twelth year, he currently teaches ninth grade history. Although he gave up football, he now sponsors First Priority. " The students wanted to meet in my room, I saw this as an oppurtunity to do something positive for the student body," he explained. He is really looking forward to helping First Priority grow and continue to make a difference.

Although teaching consumes much of his time, his main priority is his family. He and his wife, Terri, currently have a five year old son, Ben. Coach Hallman enjoys quail hunting, going out to eat, and watching football. He and his dogs Dutch, Dixie, and Mac, love hunting with his father and his buddies.

Even though Coach Hallman loves his job, if he had to choose another he would be a male underwear model...