Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Goss

Mrs. Goss

By Lacey Phillips
May 4, 2006

Pam Goss, a respected teacher here at Locust Fork, was born on April 25, 1965. She Mrs. Gossattended school at Susan Moore High School and participated in activities such as track, basketball, band, and was even the president of the drama club. In the band, Mrs. Goss played a variety of brass instruments, including the trumpet, the baritone, and the tuba. She also made an attempt at playing the trombone, which, in the end, got the better of her.  Her favorite thing about high school was being involved in the drama club performing dialogues. She graduated from Susan Moore in 1983. After high school, Mrs. Goss attended University of Alabama. While there, she changed Mrs. Gossmajors many times. Her most memorable college moment was when they won the Flag Football Championship and had the privilege of going on a no expense, four day trip to New Orleans. When all was said and done, Mrs. Goss came out with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and a major in geography and biology.

One of Mrs. Goss’s most memorable moments was when she was saved at fifteen. Her other was the birth of her children, Meg, 15, who takes part in Scholar’s Bowl and track, and Jessica, 13 who plays on the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. In her spare time, Mrs. Goss like to spend time with her girls Mrs. Gossand her husband, Bobby, doing activities such as riding 4-wheelers and going camping. Her favorite Disney movie is “Cinderella” and she also enjoys watching “Lord of the Rings”.

Before coming to Locust Fork, Mrs. Goss taught for two years at Central in Tuscaloosa. She has been with us for ten years now, and she has taught almost everything including history, girl’s athletics, computer, and, as many of you know, every type of science known to man. Mrs. Goss feels that Locust Fork “has the best student body, faculty, and administration than anywhere [she] has ever been around”. Although she loves our school, she is aggravated by some of the negativity certain student’s show. “If you’re a student at LF, take pride and strive to make it a better place”.

Mrs. Goss