Teacher Spotlight: Mrs.Case


By Brook Chamblee and Casey Irey
December 14, 2009

From Georgia to Washington, from Washington to Alabama, Mrs. Case has traveled around the United States and some how ended here at LFHS. Mrs. Case was born in Georgia, where she lived until the age of 10.She then moved to Washington where she attended East Wenatchee Washington School. One of her most memorable moments was when she got out of school for a day where they got to work their job, earnings benefitting the school. Mrs. Case chose to pick apples, where she picked 25 bins. Although falling off the ladder slowed her down, she still ended the day with ten dollars. Another one of Mrs. Case’s childhood memories was when she was 13 and started off to school on a snowy day, she got half way to school before turning around to find her 3 year old brother following her in his diaper.

Growing up she shared the house with a large family. Mrs. Case’s family consist of 6 six kids and her husband, Carl. Currently their five kids are spread out in different states, but continue to stay connected. Mrs. Case claims she would love to go back to the 1960’s, so all of her family would be together.

Happily married for 33 years Mrs. Case and her husband have attended Union Chapel Baptist Church for 2 years. She does not limit her beliefs to church but she spreads them in school when she attends First Priority.

Although some would not consider cleaning up after others an enjoyable job, Mrs. Case counts it as a blessing. She first started out working the after school child care, then moved to substituting for elementary teachers and janitors. After two years One year she ended up substituting for Mrs. Brenda Youngblood for 60 to 70 days.On July 10, 2006 Mrs.Case was hired by Mr.Smith to be janitor at LFHS.Mrs. Case stated “The job chose me I did not choose it”.

Even though Mrs.Case does not like to be recognized for her hard work, words could not describe how much the students and staff at LFHS appreciate everything she does.

“I Do my job the way it should be done, I  do it the best I can”, Mrs.Case.