Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Brewer

By: Tina Cedillo

Sherry Brewer was born to Paul and Shirley Misenheimer on May 2, 1961 in Birmingham, Alabama. In high school her favorite subjest was P.E. because she loved athletics. In fact, her senior year she was voted "Most Athletic." She graduated from Woodlawn High Schoolin 1979 and attended the University of Montevallo where she recieved a Bachelor's of Arts in marketing in 1983. After working in business and marketing for twenty years, she went back to the University of Alabama at Birmingham and in 2006 recieved a degree in education.

After getting her degree, she got a job at Locust Fork High School in 2006 as a 7th grade reading teacher and 8th grade English teacher. She chose to become a teacher because she wanted to pursue a new career path. She enjoys getting to be more involved in the lives of her children and their friends. Her favorite thing about teaching is getting to be creative and watching her students learn. Her least favorite part of her job is having to discipline her students. She considers herself a humorous person and trys to incorporate that into her teaching.

She has lived in Locust Fork since 1991 and was married to her husband Pate Brewer on March 2, 1991. She has two sons, Hampton and Wesley, who both attend Locust Fork. Outside of school Mrs. Brewer has many hobbies. She loves camping, biking, swimming, reading, scuba diving and just about anything outdoors. She also enjoys travel and will be traveling with her son and a group of other students to Europe during spring break of 2011. Another hobby that she enjoys is gardening and in 2003 she achieved the Master Gardener Certification, a very prestigious honor. She is also interested in "going green" and tries to be environmentally responsible and recycle. She tries to stay healthy and fit by eating better and exercising. Mrs. Brewer is a wonderful addition to our faculty and we are proud to have her.