Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Morgan

Date: September sixteenth. Year: nineteen seventy-one. Occasion: the birth of the greatest man alive….. John Morgan.

Most of you know him as the lovable Mr. Morgan that teaches English and drama class. But we found out that there is a lot more to him than just teaching. He is a graduate of the 1989 class at Locust Fork. In school he was a drummer in the band, loved football games, and had a crush on our own 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Belinda McCay. He met his wife, Shay, his senior year of high school. She was his cousin’s best friend at Cleveland. It was love at first sight and they have been together now for 19 years. They have four beautiful children: Sarah, who’s 14, Jake, 10, Cole, 8, and Katie, 6.

Mr. Morgan went to Jeff State and UAB, and earned his bachelor’s in language arts/education.  He became a teacher because he thought it was important, and he picked something he believed in. Mr. Morgan stated, “My favorite part about teaching is being able to really help people.”
Last year, Mr. Morgan joined the Army National Guard.  He attended Ft. Benning for basic training.  He is now attending the Alabama Military Academy in Ft. McClellan for Officer Candidate School.  If he completes the program, he will rank a Lieutenant.  He decided to join the Army National Guard because he felt it was time to give something back to the country. He says that although it was hard, the National Guard has been more than worth it. “He also says that is has changed his life. He has learned about self, found out how strong he was, and now has a deeper appreciation for what is important.

Aside from teaching, Mr. Morgan loves running. He has competed in about 20 races and marathons. He was inspired to run because he loves a challenge. When asked if the marathons are difficult, Mr. Morgan replies, “The actual training part is the most difficult, but in the end the challenge is worth it.”  During the Mercedes Marathon, 3,000 people started, 1,400 people ran half of the marathon (13.1 miles), and 1,000 people ran the full length which was (27 miles). But only 800 finished the whole race.  Mr. Morgan ran the marathon in 4hrs, 39mins, and 29secs. He also talked about how much of a support his family was to him. He stated, “It was incredible seeing them at the finish line.” Although Mr. Morgan has ran in quite a few races he has never placed, but that does not bother him, he said that he doesn’t run against people, he just runs for time. Mr. Morgan will soon be running in the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville on Dec. 9th. Locust Fork would like to wish you good luck!!!