Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Blackwood

By Kris Holt
February 7, 2008

On December 30th, 1961 Mrs. Sybil Blackwood went to the hospital in hopes of having her baby. The doctor told her that it was not time yet and her baby would not come until after the New Year. She went home but in a few short hours, she was back at Carraway Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama where Frankey Blackwood was born. It just shows how unpredictable Mr. Blackwood can be.

Mr. Blackwood started first grade at Locust Fork where his teacher taught the class at her house. It was located where the newest classroom addition is now. During his school years, the school grew at a fast rate. Three additions were made along with a new gym and the band room. He graduated as Valedictorian of the Class of 1980. He then attended college at the University of Alabama where he majored in Communications.

After graduating in 1983, he went to work for Alabama Public Television as a cameraman. In 1987 he moved to Channel 42 in Birmingham. Working in this field he met many different and interesting people, such as Bob Hope, a famous comedian at one time.He enjoyed shooting football games and sporting activities from the sidelines. He shot many Talledaga races and was able to get behind the scenes of different functions. However, there were drawbacks to this line of work, including having to carry around heavy camera equipment which could lead to future medical problems. Therefore, he switched to his backup career, teaching.

He began working at Locust Fork High School in 1992. His first year he taught typing and twelth grade English. After that he taught ninth and twelth grade English which he has taught ever since. In addition, he has taught Creative Writing. He also currently teaches a dual enrollment English 101 and 102 class through Wallace State Community College . This class allows senoirs to earn college credits. Also, he taught at Jefferson State Community College for 6 years and is currently in his second year teaching English at the University of Alabama.

One thing he loves to experience as a teacher is the look on students' faces when they have worked hard and accompliced their goals. On the other hand, he hates it when students work hard but don't achieve what they had hoped. This year will be the sixteenth class he has seen graduate at Locust Fork High School. He has been selected among the Who Who's of Teachers for the past six years.

Mr. Blackwood is not only accomplished in his career but also in things he has done and places he has been. He has seen Alabama play football in 18 different stadiums, been to Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, been to the shows The Price is Right and Live with Regis and Kelly, and gone whale watching. He has been to 34 states as well as Washington D.C. and Tijuana, Mexico. He has traveled to Las Vagas 3 times but (as you can tell by the fact he is still coming to work) he has not hit the jackpot yet. He became a Great Uncle recently, as well. Mr. Blackwood has had a very full and accomplished life and continues to be an important asset to Locust Fork's students and community.