Academic Highlights




By: Ashley Holt

           Ms. Sherrer started the tessellation project the first year she was here at Locust Fork. Her Geometry B class and her got through the assigned course of study a little early so they worked on the tessellation projests in class for the remainder of the year. The next year, she decided to let seniors create a tessellation tile for extra credit and they have been doing it ever since.

The tessellation project serves several purposes: it gives seniors in Precalculus an opportunity to earn some extra credit, do something creative, and create something to leave behind for other students to enjoy and appreciate. Ms. Sherrer thinks the idea of leaving something behind is what makes it so popular. Well, that and the bouns points.

It does take a lot of hard work to create a tessellation. Each student must find an appropriate tessellation "create" it, tesselate it, present it for approval, and then paint the ceiling tile. The tessellations cover several different objectives, symmetry and translations.

The tessellation project has become something that students look foward to and enjoy. Not only does it allow them to earn a few extra points, but they get to leave behind a little piece of themselves. (It also makes Ms. Sherrer's room pretty.) =)









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