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A Day at the Fork II

When: June 2, 2010

Time: Registration 8:00-8:30; Sessions begin at 8:30 and end at 3:45

Where: Locust Fork High School Campus

Enrollment is limited to the first 100 registrants

Sessions include: Creating Bird and Butterfly Gardens on Your School Campus, Hydroponics, Hooked on Fishing-Not Drugs!, Funding Your Outdoor Classroom, Making a Toad Abode, Using Project Wild in Your Content Area, AMSTI Activity, Wildlife Gardening, "Discovering Alabama" in the Classroom, I've Got Worms!, Compass Activity, Wildlife Tracking, All About Bogs, Herb Science, Indian Lore, Archery in Schools Program (ADCNR), Water Testing, Seining, Flyfishing, Campfire Cafe, Canoeing the Locust Fork River

Travel Directions: Locust Fork High School is located at 77 School Road, which is right off Highway 79, in Locust Fork, AL.

Registrants note: T-shirt sizes range from Small to XXL

If you have questions email Mrs. Butler at

By Kayla Hollon & Akeem Moore
March 24, 2009

Towards the end of 2008, Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Brewer partnered together and decided that they would like Locust Fork to have an outdoor classroom. This idea came about when Mrs. Butler worked with “Discovering Alabama” one summer and noticed them at other schools. She felt that Locust Fork needed one as well so she wrote a five thousand dollar CAWACO ( Cahaba, Warrior and Coosa Rivers) grant.

Although the outdoor classroom was partially funded by the CAWACO grant, there were significant funds raised by the Junior Master Gardener Club.

The main purpose for the outdoor classroom is to let the students experience the outdoors while learning. “We think that the students deserve to have an outdoor classroom because it lets them learn in a environment that often deals with their lesson,” said Mrs. Butler. Teachers have already been using the classroom and agree that is is a excellent place for their students to learn. “My students love going outside, and I love this new addition because we can stay contained in the shade while learning. It lets them be close to the nature and notice important things in the environment, said Mrs. Brewer

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