Academic Highlights


Cake Creations

(CJ Herring, Chris Davis, Preston Black, and Chase Lother)

By: Joy Hornbuckle

Do you like your cake in the shape of a strawberry, iPod, flower, baseball, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, or bee hive? Mrs. Bender's sixth and seventh period class took four days to prepare some of the most creative cakes known in LFHS.

These two Food and Nutrition classes did this project in order to introduce the skills of baking, decorating, and creativeness of each student. Each group of students had to decide on a recipe, bake the cake, ice the cake, and decide what to shape their masterpiece into in order to decorate it. The process took four days because the students had to draw out their designs, buy their needed supplies, bake the individual cakes, let it cool, then decorate it according to their design.

In Mrs. Bender's opinion, the strawberry cake was her most best tasting and the Hello Kitty was her most creative. This is not the first class to take part in this project and this will definitely not be the last class to participate in this project. this project has always been a favorite thing of this class. Mrs. Bender plans on continuing this tradition with future classes and hopes to see just as much unique creativeness.


Whitney Mecham, Lacey Sanford, Shelia Wade, and Brittney Woods

Barbara Ayala, Pilar Ayala, Nicole Lowe, and Bree Bradford

Colby Henry, Holley Robbins, Kaitlin Hughes, and Anna Coleman

Dana Washburn, Gloria Rhodes, Megan Horsley, Skylar Hinderliter, Charlie Hill, Tyler Laughlin, and Courtney Glass

Isaac Speegle, Taylor McAnnally, Jesslyn Matyi, and Charrise McGuffie

Sarah Linn, Megan Melvin, Mary Cunningham, Brittany Barr, Dustin Oliver, and Josephin Trosell

Amy Fuller, Candace Gorham, Elyssia Wilson, Breanna Hogeland, and Tiffany Davidson



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