Solar Eclipse

By Colby Freeman, Pictures by Locust Fork Yearbook

On August 21, 2017 Locust Fork High School experienced the solar eclipse with teachers and students gathered in the football stadium to watch the rare event. The school was provided with the special glasses that you need for the solar eclipse to be safely visible by the law firm of King, Green and Dobson. Senior Hannah Armstrong said, “It was cool that the school let us out to go see the eclipse and funded the special glasses for us to see it with.” Michael Mathis summed up the feelings of many Locust Fork students saying, “It was a once in a lifetime experience that we got to see at Locust Fork. That was very exciting to our school.” Earth and Space Science teacher, Pam Goss, helped to organize the viewing event.  She said, “It was a fun experience for me. Also all the students that got to experience the eclipse really enjoyed it.”It was a fun and rare experience for our school. Although we weren't in the line of totality, it was still a fun and great event to watch.

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