The Locust Fork High School family would like send our thoughts and prayers to our American Armed Forces, especially those from our school and community. They include:

Charles Anders- 1999
Billy Bassett- 2001-Marines
Bart Bicknell- 1992
Jason Boatright- 2001
Nathan Cagel-2016-Army
Jon Curl-1999- Army
Randy Copeland- 1992- Military Police
Chris Ellsworth- 2004- Air Force
Austen Embry-2016-Marines
Brian Gargus- 2006- Army
Josh Gargus-2008- Army
Mark Gassaway-2009 National Guard
Tyler Goode - 2012 - Coast Guard
Angie Martin Green- 1995
Chad Hallman- 1994
Chance Hewitt-2008 Airforce
Aaron Hicks- 2001- Navy
Justin Hitt- 2000- Army
Matthew Higginbotham-Army
Allen Hornbuckle-2008 Airforce
Phillip Hornbuckle- 2010 Marines
Brandon Horsley- 2006- Marines
Christoper Huffstutler-2010 Army
Tia Jacko- 2007- National Guard
Caleb James- 1999- Air Force
Brooks Jett- 2005- Navy Reserves
Jonathan Kendrick- 2007- Army National Guard
Donnie Krachinskey- 1998
Max Krutchen -2010 National Guard
Jennifer Lee- 2000
Troy Luquire- 2003- Navy
Chris Lykens- 2001- U.S. Navy
Ryan Martin- 2006- Navy
Heath McCay- 2003- Marines
John McCombs- 2003
John Millican- 2005- U.S. Army
John Mitchell -2004 Marine
Johnathon Mize- Army
Charles Moody - 2009 Army Reserve
Dylan Morris-2016-Army
John Morgan- Army National Guard
Austin Murray- 2009 Army Reserve
Samantha Noblitt - 2012- Air Guard
Chris Peeks- 1996
Josh Phillips- 2001
Anthony Reno- 2004-U.S.M.C.
Benny Richardson- Army National Guard
Cody Samford- 2009 Navy
Jason Self- 1999
Colby Sherdian- 2010 National Guard
Bryan Simon
Neal Smith- 1997
Daniel Smithey- 2000
Amanda Sorensen-2009-Army
Andrew Sterbonic-2009-Army
Morgan Stewart -2010-Army
Derrick Sullivan- 1996
Dalton Tate-2016-Army
Chris Thompson-Marine
Justin Tucker-2009-Army
Brandon Vessels- National Guard
Chris Wathen Jr. - Army Reserves
Nicole Wathen - 2010 - Army
Dylan Warnix-2016-Marines
Josh Webb- 2002- Air Force
Brandon Williams- 1999
Paul Wilson - 2009 - Army
Eric Windsor-1998- U.S.A.F.
Adam West-2010 National Guard

If anyone knows of someone who is active and not listed here, please email us and we will gladly add their name.